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Print Portfolio

Identity Branding and RE-branding print projects.

Trade magazine advertisment for Philips HADCO Littlestown, PA.
New Market Bistro - Proposed print and interface concepts.
R.E. Sanders Inc. York, PA - Logo, print and website interface design.
Covenant House Washington, DC - Annual Report, direct mailers and website interface design.
Chapel-Ridge - Branding Identity, brochure and product labels designs.
Philips HADCO Littlestown, PA. - Road Way Lighting identity branding.
Stambaugh Metal, Hanover, PA - Identity Re-Branding, Folders, Brochures, Advertisments and Signs.
Hanover Lantern, Hanover, PA - Kiosk user interface design to build your own lights.
Lighting catalog design comps for Philips HADCO Littlestown, PA.
New Ox Gym - Logo design, identitiy branding, print materials, apparel and website interface design.
Orthopedic Institution of Pennsylvania - Identity re-branding and marketing promotional package design.
Network Exchange Team - Identity branding, print materials and website interface design.

Print Business Branding:

Imagine your favorite painting. Think about the details, colors, lighting and texture. Allow yourself to experience the emotions this work of art evokes within you. Did you know when we look at beautiful art the brain is stimulated and we feel a sense of reward? This feeling of reward encourages us to further enjoy what we’re viewing. This is good news for anyone who wants to be remembered on the in print or on the web. If your business has a truly interesting digital marekting materials (artistic) then those who stop to view your site will do more than stop and view it – they will savor and favor it. Real art gets the world’s attention.

Project Role:

  • Logo design
  • Identity Branding
  • Marketing materials
  • Content creation
  • Software Interface Design

View Client Design Comps

Hanover Lantern - Interface Design

Covenant House Washington Report

CHW Annual Report Details

HADCO using CAD models for print.

HADCO catalog print project.

HADCO RLS - Print Storyboard

Covenant House - Promotional Mailer

IP Smarx - Interface Design

Stambaugh Metal - Brochure Comps.

Stambaugh Metal - Folder Design

Stambaugh Metal - Magazine Ads

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