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Social Media and Search Engine Marketing

The growth in attention to social media as a marketing, communication and community building opportunity deserves attention.

Searcher expectations have changed

Searchers no longer have the sole expectation of searching to find information for a specific outcome. As people spend more and more time connecting, sharing and interacting with the social web, they now often expect to interact with what they find in the search results.

Push and Pull SEO Effect of Social Media Marketing.

Social media marketing efforts that create conversations and buzz can influence queries on keywords used in search the same way advertising and the result of public relations through media coverage can drive search traffic.

In social web situations, a great idea can spread quickly, driving people to search for more formal information. The push is the instigation of a new concept in social media situations, providing useful information and provoking discussions about it. The pull (searching for) comes from the idea catching fire and people searching for more information on it.

Another aspect to the push and pull effect involves content that is created by marketers and/or discussions that come out of a social media marketing effort that can also rank in the search results. Creating socially enabled content that is optimized for keywords phrases with established demand allows a brand, product or company to occupy multiple positions on the same search query. By socially enabling that content with save/share/comment features, marketers facilitate distribution within social communities.

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