oz 2 designs is a full-service advertising and design group whose sole purpose is to increase your business. We grow businesses through stunning, high-end design, audience identification, need-satisfying marketing strategies, and the effective use of technology. Every medium is our palette as we share who you are and what you do with the world.

About Us

Our Art Director, Rick Brady, has over 20 years of award winning experience in 3D Animation and Corporate Communications. Talented and innovative, Mr. Brady combines years of experience with an uncanny ability to generate custom, eye-catching design. Comfortable with corporate protocol yet highly creative, Mr. Brady effortlessly works within the boundaries of tradition while incorporating the cutting-edge of today's technology. Balance, flow, color, subliminal meaning, and demographic appeal each play a valuable role in the creation of your project. Mr. Brady applies the fine-tuned perfectionism of an experienced artist as he creates and oversees your design concept. The result: Every project is a work of art. When you choose oz 2 designs, you choose superior art direction.

oz 2 designs
has experienced professionals who help you achieve your long and short term goals. With over twenty years experience in Counseling, English Education, and Writing; our C.E.O., Catherine Lockey, organizes and manages every project. Degrees in English, Communications and Education as well as two Counseling certifications give Ms. Lockey the edge in understanding the demographic needs of your client base. Ms. Lockey's background also serves as a springboard from which she successfully empowers all employees who work for oz 2 Designs.