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Dead Can Dance is the ultimate listening experience. DCD has been the defining element in many circles of music. Few groups have been so influential and self-defining. Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry are the catalysts for Dead Can Dance who's music may be gothic, new age, world, ethereal, neo-classical and dark wave. These words simlpy cannot describe the awesome music this duo creates. Trying to catagorize or describe their music leaves one with a loss for words... it simply cannot be done.
Lisa Gerrard the voice behind Dead Can Dance.
Bauhaus slid fully formed from punk rock's womb in late 1978. Over the course of four hot years, they unintentionally birthed a genre (Goth), moved on, moved forward, and surged mercurial through the post-punk music scene, tearing into tense, bass-driven new-wave, T-Rex-esque dark-glam, and swirling, clattering, orchestral atmospherics, whilst churning it into a grand, velvet, Rimbaudian hallucination.
Pittsburgh Steelers...nothing better!
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