The heart and soul of social media and the foundation for influential business marketing is blogging.
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You are immersed in your field - a professional - and you know why your business stands apart from the rest. Yet, your customer base does not get the message. This is a common problem for business owners who attempt to create their own promotional materials and it no longer needs to be your problem.
oz 2 designs has the experienced professionals who help you achieve your long and short term goals.
Compelling content is just the beginning.
With over twenty years experience in Counseling, English Education, Journalism, and Technical Writing; our Master Writer, Catherine Lockey, writes and proofreads every project. Degrees in English, Communications and Education as well as two Counseling certifications give Ms. Lockey the edge in understanding the demographics of your client base. Ms. Lockey is proficient in advertising writing, technical writing, journalism-style writing, handbook and curriculum writing, as well as poetry and prose. More importantly, Ms. Lockey is able to determine what it is your clients really want and show them how your business can meet their needs.

Creative and intuitive, oz 2 designs knows how to reach your audience. Take note of the key to unlocking more business: Understanding your marketing demographic, Sensitivity to the intrinsic wants and needs of potential clients, and Sharing the right message in the correct manner. For clear, focused writing with a stylistic twist, look to oz 2 designs to share who you are and what you do with the public in a manner which gets you the attention you deserve.

Writing for Artistic Designed Ceilings: "Finally, the stunning look you want in your home is within reach. Create an elegant and captivating ambiance with accented corners and hallways. Dress up your foyer, living room, or dining room. Complete the look of any room as you enhance ceiling fans, chandeliers, and other light fixtures. John Dorman’s Artistic Designed Ceilings are magnificent, last a lifetime, and increase the value of your home."
You need to hire a professional to set up your blog rather than participate in Blogger or other blogging platforms.  Why? Because all of those coveted keywords and phrases your demographic uses to search for what you write about will be associated with Blogger (or the other platforms) instead of you and your business.  Poor SEO for you, good SEO for them.  Another tip: If your blog is part of your business web site, use a subdomain that reads like:
Mission statement for Attorneys Beauchat & Beauchat : "At Beauchat & Beauchat L.L.C., our clients are treated with the care and respect they deserve. We recognize that each client is unique with individual needs and life issues. It is the mission of our firm to provide custom solutions to meet each client's specific needs. Our policy is that every client be an integral part of his or her own legal team. Together, we craft and implement the best solution. Our cornerstone focus is client education and we pride ourselves on empowering our clients. When the proper solution is defined, our clients not only helped create it, they fully understand it."
Extending your visual brand in your blog design is a no brainer; the hard part is finding a designer capable of pulling your print and web brand into a CMS like Wordpress.
Writing for Net-Aid: "It can happen to anyone. You, your business and your computer network are cruising down the information highway. You don't even notice the glitch in the road. Suddenly, your computer won't cooperate, and locks up."